A Refreshing Cup of Bona Vita Coffee

It is a pleasure living on a sea shore. We have been living in Seattle, Washington for many years now. Sea and ships always fascinated me. It is no wonder that finally I took a plunge in the shipping business. My business is to sell used shipping containers and Seattle is perfect place for this. A house built on raised land by the sea offers me an exclusive view of the beach. Spending leisurely hours sitting on the front patio overlooking the sea, I have had some most memorable moments of my life admiring the waves and seeing majestic ships sailing by. Nonetheless, this could not have been possible without my favorite companion – a cup of hot and refreshing Bona Vita coffee.

Coffee – what a wonderful drink to refresh your senses! A strong, well brewed coffee with its lingering aroma carries you effortlessly in a tranquil world. After a busy morning amidst all business deals, I return home for a peaceful lunch and some quiet time by myself. Trust me, my lunch has never been complete without a soothing cup of coffee and Bona Vita coffee offers me that much sought pleasure of relaxation.  It has the perfect strength and aroma that I prefer.

There are times when we feel too worked up and need a means to rejuvenate our mind. They say caffeine in coffee has the ability to “wake you up”. It is a highly stimulating drink and perfect to start your day with. Bona Vita coffee has always been my favorite brand here in Seattle. Every brand of coffee differs in caffeine content. Some are de-caffeinated. Well, those can hardly be called the “morning refreshers”. However, Bona Vita brand essentially has the ideal blend that suits my needs.

Come to think of it – this small cup of drink is packed with many benefits. Besides being energizer and stimulant, coffee is a good anti-oxidant and reduces risks of many diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc. In moderation, it also helps healthy heart function. Amazing, what a simple drink can achieve! Coffee has always had some importance in western food world. Undoubtedly, a well served meal is never complete without that final cup of the brew. A well brewed cup of coffee soothes your system and then the scrumptious meal that you have just enjoyed goes down very well.

For me, my favorite cup of Bona Vita coffee after lunch gives me the much needed relaxation after the hectic morning business deals and meets. My preferred activity after lunch is lazily sipping the hot brew while sinking in my beloved rocking armchair in the front verandah. Every sip takes me sometimes down the memory lane and other time energizes my mind to think of new strategies to improve my business or life. Looking at the frothy waves that come rapidly towards the beach can set one’s mind to think in fast pace. However, this hot cup of coffee works wonders to calm the mind and think peacefully.

I have made my best decisions in life sipping this favorite drink. And I know there will be many more such occasions. After all, entering this used shipping containers sale business was a brain storm, thanks to my coffee cup.

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