Enjoy You Every Day Coffee With Bonavita Carafe

The main objective of Bonavita has always been to help the customers to easily make some perfect cups of coffee. If high quality and freshly roasted coffee are combined with water in the right temperature, it will naturally deliver the complete flavors. Similarly, in the case of tea, if you use some quality tea and the right temperature and time, you will get the full flavor. The Bonavita products, like, the brewers, kettles and drippers are all designed in a way, so that, you can enjoy great coffee each and every day.

Bonavita coffee brewers

Bonavita coffee brewers are some of the exceptional pieces of coffee makers. This German-engineered product has a thermal carafe, which brews coffee to the ideal temperature, contact time and coffee ground saturation. It also helps to keep the brew hotter for a very long period of time. Bonavita offers seven different coffee brewers, so that, you can opt for the one to suit your convenience.

  1. BV1900TD 8 Cup Digital Coffee Brewer – This digital brewer can be programmed to make the perfect pot of coffee. It has an auto-start timer with digital display. It enables you to make your coffee with just a single touch. It has a powerful heater of 1500-watt, which helps to maintain the perfect temperature of 195o-205o F. It even has an optional pre infusion mode, which allows the degassing of the coffee before roasting. It uses the standard 4 flat filters.
  2. BV1500TD 5 Cup Digital Coffee Brewer – This product very similar to BV1900TD 8 Cup Digital Coffee Brewer. This has been designed specially for customers who require smaller digital brewer. One of the main difference is that, the heater used in this product is 1100-watt, as the product is smaller. However, it will also help to maintain the same temperature of 195o-205o F. It has a voluntary pre-infusion mode to enhance the your coffee flavor. Its showerhead is specially designed, so that, it can be perfectly extracted in small batches. It uses the standard 4, cone-shaped filters.
  3. BV1800TH 8 Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Lined Thermal Carafe – This coffee brewer has a one-touch operation. It has 1400-watt heater, which helps to maintain the optimum temperature of 195o-205o F. The showerhead has been specially designed in such a way, so that, it can evenly saturate the grounds and helps in even extraction. The product has a special thermal glass line carafe, so that, your coffee can remain warm for a longer period of time.
  4. BV1800SS Original 8 Cup Brewer with Stainless Steel-Lined Thermal Carafe – It also has the one-touch operation facility and the heater used by the product is also 1400-watt. Most of the other features are quite similar to BV1800TH 8 Cup Brewer with Glass Lined Thermal Carafe. The only major difference in this product is, the thermal carafe is made up of durable stainless still instead of glass.
  5. BV1800 8 Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe – This product has a heater of 1455-watt, which maintains the perfect temperature. The showerhead functions perfectly to carry out the complete saturation and extraction. The special warming heater of this product has an auto shut-off facility and it allows to keep the coffee warm for a very long time.
  6. BV1900TS New 8 Cup Coffee Brewer with Stainless Steel-Lined Thermal Carafe – The product has a single-touch brewing operation along with auto-off facility. It also has the pre-infusion mode, which will allow you to get the perfect aroma. The filter basket of the product is flat-bottomed along with larger showerhead. Thus, it can saturate even better and extract more evenly. This product has a durable steel-lined thermal carafe, for keeping the coffee warm for a longer span.
  7. BV1500TS New 5 Cup Coffee Brewer with Stainless Steel Lined Thermal Carafe – This product is exactly the smaller version of the BV1900TS New 8 Cup Brewer with Steel Thermal Carafe. In this smaller version the heater is 1100-watt. The showerhead has been designed perfectly to extract in small batch sizes. The brewer has the standard 4, cone shaped filters.

These brewers operate very fast and prepares perfect coffee within a span of five to six minutes. In fact, we know an entrepreneur and business owner in the Wilmington, Delaware area who has prepared his coffee in about 4 minutes and 40 seconds using number 6 above. He asked us to make sure we let consumers know about his website, in case anyone is in need of refinancing, mortgage help, etc., in his neck of the woods, so feel free to browse his offerings by clicking here. All the brewers of Bonavita are certified for their high quality and performance by the Special Coffee Association of America or SCAA. All the products are very simple to use and their high durability will allow you to enjoy quality coffee for a very long time.

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